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A taste of summer at The Deck Lounge

Vibrant flavours and scenic views await at this sought-after summer dining destination at Amman Rotana

In the heart of Amman, The Deck Lounge at Amman Rotana is one of the city's favourite summer evening spots. Offering breathtaking vistas over the Jordan capital, guests will find delicious bites, signature beverages, lively tunes – and, of course, the views – all wrapped up into one memorable dining experience.

No matter the time of day, there's something special for everyone. The sun-bathed terrace in the afternoons is the perfect spot to sip on refreshing, freshly squeezed juices, while after sundown, it's a great place to socialise as the venue offers an exciting nightlife experience.

On the menu, diners will find a blend of traditional local flavours and modern dishes. From locally-inspired appetisers to signature mains, every bite promises a journey through Jordan's vibrant food culture.

Chef spotlight: Chef Moath Hamdan

Bringing 22 years of experience to the kitchens at Amman Rotana, Executive Chef Moath Hamdan has shaped the culinary experience at The Deck Lounge with this expertise and innovative vision. His work with established hotel brands across the Middle East and beyond has greatly influenced his style.

Chef Moath believes that simple yet elegant ingredients have the power to create the most memorable dishes – an approach that beautifully shines through in each of his creations at the venue. Every dish seamlessly blends the rich culinary heritage of Jordan with contemporary cooking techniques. This fusion celebrates the best of both worlds, offering guests a delightful experience.

Here, Chef Moath presents his top picks...

Start off right: Golden Halloumi Skewers

"Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with our Golden Halloumi Skewers. Made from local goat milk cheese, this dish features halloumi cheese deep-fried in a light, crispy tempura batter for a delightful crunch. Served warm and accompanied by our signature dynamite sauce – a blend of Japanese mayo with a hint of aromatic local thyme and spicy flakes – each bite bursts with a harmonious fusion of tastes that will leave you wanting more."

The main attraction: Beef Sajieh Wrap

"Our Sajieh Beef Wrap offers a contemporary take on a beloved local dish: Beef Sajieh. Wrapped in brown wheat bread prepared on a traditional saj, this indulgent dish showcases tender beef cooked to perfection in our signature lamb confit fat. Infused with aromatic cardamom seasoning, along with a touch of salt and pepper, each bite is satisfying. Perfect for enjoying in our modern lounge setting, this reinvented classic will delight your taste buds with every savoury bite."

The big finish: Pistachio Baklava Surprise

"Elevate your dessert experience with our Pistachio Baklava – a refreshing twist on the traditional baklava. Delicately layered with finely chopped pistachios, each bite unveils a delightful surprise with a creamy centre of frozen ice cream made from mastic frappe and pistachio. Topped with a whimsical flourish of halawa sesame-based cotton candy, this dessert is a true delight for the senses. Perfect for summer indulgence, it offers a tantalising blend of textures and flavours that will refresh your nights at The Deck Lounge."

To make a reservation at The Deck Lounge, Amman Rotana, call +962 6 520 8888


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