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East meets West at Teatro

An award-winning concept that melds culinary influences from all around the world, Teatro invites diners to sample the finest dishes while taking in the venue's vibrant ambience

Drawing inspiration from the Italian word for theatre, Teatro promises an immersive dining experience, where the chefs treat you to a theatrical experience as you watch them in action in the live kitchen. This multi-award-winning restaurant can be found across four Rotana hotels: Park Rotana Abu Dhabi, Towers Rotana Dubai, Downtown Rotana Manama and City Centre Rotana Doha. And at each location, there is something remarkable to discover.

The menu at Teatro combines culinary influences from around the world, which means that every diner is well catered to. From light Japanese bites and traditional Thai delights to Indian curries, Italian staples and everything in between, each dish is prepared to perfection to deliver a memorable dining experience. With an extensive menu, narrowing down your choices might not come easy. Here, the chefs at each Teatro outpost offer some inspiration.

Teatro, Park Rotana Abu Dhabi

Executive Sous Chef Antonio Lopez honed his culinary experience working across five-star hotels around the world. He brings his expertise and passion to Teatro, where he oversees a team of chefs whipping up masterful creations for every meal. Under his leadership, Teatro has won several local and international awards.

To start with, Chef Lopez recommends the delectable starter combo platter, which is part of the restaurant's newly revamped menu.

In the chef's own words: "Teatro is proud to showcase its new and thoughtfully revamped menu, and part of it is a sumptuous selection of starters. True to its promise, where western cuisine meets eastern cooking, the starter combo platter gives guests the freedom to choose their own Asian or Italian platter of appetisers from the section of the menu designed for sharing."

"Guests can choose four out of eight types of starters from edamame, wasabi tempura, Peking duck spring rolls, Teatro vegetable spring rolls, chicken or beef satay, crab cakes or arancini. Served as two pieces each with a set of tasty condiments, this beautifully presented platter is a feast in itself."

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Teatro, City Centre Rotana Doha

At the helm of Doha's Teatro outpost is Head Chef Shakriya Kanasasana, an award-winning culinary artist who specialises in authentic Thai and Asian cuisine. Hailing from Bangkok, where the chef gained her extensive hospitality experience and knowledge, she is passionate about ensuring guests leave with a memorable dining experience.

At the top of her list of recommendations is the Thai grilled beef salad, which is the chef's signature creation.

She explained: "My favourite dishes are always based around salads because I love the freshness and flavours they deliver, and of course, because they are so healthy, they can be eaten either as a side or a main. Teatro's Thai grilled beef salad has distinctive, smoky aromas. It features a medium rare steak, prepared in Thai style and combined with a range of herbs and a spicy, tangy lemon and chilli sauce. The result is a colourful dish, which is simply delicious, bursting with sweet and sour flavours and pleasing to the eyes."

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Teatro, Towers Rotana Dubai

Under the leadership of Chef Fugang He, Teatro has become one of Downtown Dubai's most sought-after dining destinations. The chef was born and raised in the city of Yantai, Northern China, and he relocated to Qingdao to start his training in five-star hotels in the region. He brings 24 years of expertise from China and the GCC to Teatro in Dubai.

For mains, the chef recommends the miso sea bass.

Describing this splendid creation, he said: "This 24-hour marinated, line-caught Chilean sea bass starts with my signature marinade made from a reduction of miso, sake and mirin cooked over a charcoal josper grill. It is served with soy-tossed bok choy and shimeji mushrooms. This melt-in-the-mouth sea bass with an Asian twist will delight your taste buds with its delicate, tender texture and explosive flavours."

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Teatro, Downtown Rotana Manama

Originating from the Philippines, Chef Warrick Ong oversees the kitchens at Teatro. Having perfected his culinary skills over 15 years, the chef is incredibly passionate about cooking and is all about exploring rich and authentic flavours from all around the world through his signature dishes. Asian cuisine and its traditional culinary techniques have always been an inspiration to the chef, which comes through clearly in his creations.

Chef Ong recommends the Kung Pao prawn for mains.

He said: "The Kung Pao prawn is one of Teatro’s signature dishes. This is a typical Chinese spicy dish made from shrimp, similar to the famous Kung Pao chicken, which is a spicy stir-fried Chinese dish made of chicken cubes, peanuts and vegetables, and traditionally served with white onions and chilli peppers. This classic recipe originated in the Sichuan province of southwest China and is characterised by its aromatic spicy scents combined with savoury-sweet and mildly spicy flavours. This dish has the perfect blend of flavours to give our guests an unforgettable dining experience. Everyone loves it!"

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