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In conversation with Salama Mohamed

From creating engaging content on social media to establishing her very own clean skincare line, Salama Mohamed has made an impact with her work and continues to be an inspiration for her audiences

Salama Mohamed is no ordinary entrepreneur. One of the most recognised faces in the region, she is a proud Emirati, who, alongside her husband Khalid Al Ameri, is known for her unique brand of humour. With their honest yet comically accurate take on everyday life, the duo has garnered over one million followers each on Instagram. And this powerhouse couple continues to entertain with their innovative, hilarious content.

Speaking to this half of the superstar duo, Salama said: "I always naturally gravitated towards skits and educational videos as it is the type of content I consume naturally. Ultimately, we knew we could carve out a name for ourselves in this space on social media."

But as her online reach grew, Salama noted that it also brought the limelight to her skin, which prompted her to share her journey living with vitiligo. "My life’s purpose was shown to me thanks to those engaging videos," she said.

"At an early age, I’ve been blessed with vitiligo and sensitive skin. For as long as I could remember, I had been on the hunt for skincare products that would provide my skin with what it needed: nourishment, hydration and care. I eventually stumbled on skincare hailing from Korea and discovered the healing powers of Korean active ingredients and formulas – and from there, as they say, the rest is history!"

Her deeply personal relationship with her skin resulted in Salama launching Peacefull. "The saying goes, 'necessity is the mother of invention' and so I created and launched Peacefull purely out of necessity. Later, I realised that it is my calling to share the benefits of good skincare products that have a purpose with the global community, starting with my home, the UAE. At Peacefull, our messaging isn’t solely about self-love. At its core, Peacefull aims to redefine the modern standards of beauty and to highlight the importance of inclusion and representation."

Despite the resounding success, Salama believes that being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. "It presents a winding road of many ups and downs, triumphs and failures. You’re definitely tested as an individual. The hardships never deterred me though; they inspired me. There are no prerequisites to becoming an entrepreneur, just sheer determination, persistence, passion and, at times, self-awareness."

Keeping her grounded through the ups and downs of the business, Salama gives the credit to her family. "My family is my everything! They are the source of my confidence and strength. I always know that no matter what the day brings, in the end, my family will always be there to pick me back up. They are my biggest support system and that’s why I’m able to juggle different things throughout the day."


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