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An Italian feast at Gusto

Fuss-free Italian fare is yours to savour at this laid-back venue which exudes every bit of the charm of an authentic trattoria

If you're looking for a piece of Rome in the heart of Dubai, you needn't go too far. Al Bandar Rotana, along the waters of Dubai Creek, is home to a culinary gem which boasts the best of Italy, with genuine hospitality, authentic cuisine and a laid-back atmosphere.

Capturing the very essence of a local trattoria, Gusto's cosy terrace is reminiscent of an Italian piazza, making you feel right at home in its intimate surrounds. And with fresh, seasonal ingredients, the venue boasts an ever-changing menu, with traditional Italian favourites prepared to guests' preferences.

Chef spotlight: Chef Burges Chinoy

In 2022, Chef Burges Chinoy earned a coveted spot in the Executive Chefs Power List, which boasts the 50 most influential executive chefs working in the Middle East. Having spent the last 12 years at Rotana, the chef has proved his versatility, as he has seamlessly balanced his role in the kitchens, crafting the most creative recipes, with admin tasks behind the scenes.

His experience includes extensive tenures in India, Africa, the Middle East and Malaysia, and he brings his wealth of knowledge to the kitchens at Al Bandar Rotana, where he manages a diverse team at the hotel's restaurants and provides diners with unforgettable gourmet experiences.

Here, the chef presents his top picks at Gusto...

Start off right: Burrata e Tartoufo

"Nothing beats the taste of a fresh, rich burrata. A bit of refreshment for your senses, this creamy goodness will leave you speechless. We love keeping things local and seasonal as much as possible, and so the best part of this dish is that the ingredients are locally and sustainably produced in the UAE."

The main attraction: Spaghetti all’astice datterino

"A delicious blend of specialities from the land and sea creates an explosion of flavours in this dish, leaving diners in awe! But it takes just a few simple ingredients to whip up this guest favourite – fresh lobster, the juiciness of the datterino tomatoes and hearty spaghetti."

The big finish: Cannoli

"Celebrate your inner child with this simple yet evergreen street dessert that takes you back to your childhood, with crunchy bites that balance the smoothness of the ricotta."

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