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Keeping it authentic

Embark on an immersive journey through the Levant at Kamoon housed within the stunning surrounds of Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana in Abu Dhabi

A shining example of culinary storytelling, Kamoon at Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana in Abu Dhabi promises a flavour journey that transports guests to the very heart of a bustling medina in the Middle East. Derived from the Arabic word for cumin, it nods to this fragrant savoury spice, which gives every regional dish that characteristic aroma and taste.

Honouring Middle Eastern gastronomic traditions, each dish at Kamoon is inspired by the cultures along the historic Silk Route. Fresh, seasonal produce takes centre stage, while sustainable sourcing practices and time-tested methods ensure that diners experience an authentic taste of the Levant with a creative, contemporary twist.

Elegant yet laid-back, the venue overlooks the hotel's pool and the Arabian Gulf, offering the perfect setting for a social dining experience in the UAE capital.

Chef spotlight: Chef Abu-Halab

At the helm is Chef Abu-Halab, who brings 18 years of expertise to the kitchen at Kamoon. Having found his passion in the culinary world at a young age, he went on to prove his mettle, winning several awards and effectively managing successful restaurant concepts. He worked at Kamoon in the past and since his return in 2021 is already making waves with his refined techniques and skills. The secret to his success: the belief that connecting with customers is as important as cooking, which is why the chef brings a special touch to every dining experience, seamlessly interacting with guests while he wows them with the finest recipes. Over to Chef Abu-Halab...

Start off right: Rainbow hummus

"I believe food can bring magic to one’s life, especially when given its true value: cooked with the right mix of ingredients and seasoned with love. The menu features three pillars: 70 percent of classic Middle Eastern flavours, 20 percent of a contemporary twist and 10 percent sustainability. Therefore, the idea of introducing rainbow hummus to the menu came from the beetroot hummus that I presented at the Emirates Salon Culinaire in the past. The dish was a huge success; I was awarded a gold medal for the innovative idea and taste. Furthermore, hummus is a healthy alternative to the usual chips and dip, and to keep things healthy, I chose pumpkin and dark chocolate as complementary flavours in addition to beetroot. And this is how our rainbow hummus came to life."

The main attraction: Lebanese kafta

"At its very essence, the authentic Levantine dining culture is all about sharing and always bringing people together through ancient ­flavours that have travelled through time and numerous cultures. One of the most important grilled dishes in Middle Eastern cuisine is kafta, and, at Kamoon, we serve two options in 0.5 metres and one metre, which is perfect for sharing with loved ones."

The big finish: Aish El Saraya

"We picked a very traditional homemade Levantine dessert, that brings to mind childhood memories and that has a special place in many people’s hearts. Aish El Saraya is a creamy, no-bake Middle Eastern bread pudding topped with ashta cream, rose water, sugar syrup and pistachio. It’s absolutely heavenly!"

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