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Pescatarian paradise: Finz at Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi

Flavours from the Med fuse with Asian tastes at this overwater dining venue in the UAE capital

Against the backdrop of the Arabian Gulf and the sound of waves lapping on the shore, the Michelin-selected Finz at Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi promises an epicurean voyage, sure to appease even the most discerning palates. This seafood venue blends tastes from the Mediterranean and Asia, with flavours that transform with each and every bite.

Perched over the waters along Beach Rotana, this sleek venue boasts nautical flair, with wooden floors, expansive spaces, pristine white furniture with lots of natural light during the day and the glistening city skyline after sundown.

Chef spotlight: Chef German Huerta

Deeply passionate about the culinary arts, Chef German Huerta is at the helm at Finz. From his vibrant homeland in Mexico, his culinary exploits carried him to the United States and Canada before he settled in the UAE capital.

With an unwavering focus on Mediterranean cuisine, the chef wields his expertise like a culinary maestro, orchestrating symphonies of flavour using exquisite ingredients and fresh produce handpicked from every corner of the globe. Each dish he crafts is a masterpiece, meticulously composed to harmonise perfectly with the breathtaking overwater setting that awaits discerning guests at Finz.

Moreover, the chef personally curates a special menu every month, which means that no two visits will ever be alike.

Here, Chef German presents his top picks...

Start off right: Grilled pulpo

Paprika-chili glazed octopus, potato chips, botija dip, sriracha aioli and radish

An exciting journey from the Mediterranean Sea to the European countryside, Chef German revisits a traditional Spanish dish, giving it new contemporary tones.

In his own words: "A winning union of the best products, technique and innovation, the octopus is cooked at low temperatures to soften the meat and enhance the flavour before being grilled to perfection. It’s marinated and lacquered with Pimenton La Vera, the best smoked paprika in Spain, with a technique typical of French patisserie. It is served with soufflé chips, crispy and perfectly golden potatoes, a touch of handmade aioli with spicy but not excessive tones, a soft mousse of botija olives – which is Spanish in origin but typical of Peruvian culture – and the crunchiness and freshness of radish. In its purity and complexity of flavours, it borders on perfection."

The main attraction: Scottish salmon

Black noodles, forest vegetables, tangy ginger cream

"The fatty salmon is softened by the flames of the grill and bathed in a fine ginger cream. The pasta is tinged with the dark tone of squid ink which recalls a gloomy day – a time for mushrooms and Romanesco. This dish brings together the ocean and the countryside to combine the unique flavours from land and sea, raising their tones and cleansing them at the same time. The salty and strong tones in this dish are balanced by the sweet acidity of the ginger, the freshness of the vegetables and the wonderful and simple combination of the elements."

The big finish: Pavlova

Crunchy meringue, strawberry mousse dome, raspberry gel, marinated strawberries

"At Finz, we like challenges; playing with shapes, combining colours and flavours (like a chemist) to create new ones. This brilliant reinterpretation of a classic has it all - the warmth of a comforting dessert served cool; and it is soft and delicate with crunchy points, balanced by creamy, acidic and sweet textures. An example of pure technique in terms of elaboration and execution, it is a delight for the eyes and the palate."

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