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Private view: The Rain Room

How can you walk through a continuous downpour of water without getting wet? Visit the Sharjah Art Foundation's unique installation, the Rain Room

When it first launched in May 2018, images showcasing silhouettes and shadows of people between streams of rain without getting wet at Sharjah's Rain Room stole the scene on social media. It quickly became one of the most photographed places in the UAE and has since been serving as the ideal destination for residents and visitors seeking some respite during the UAE's hotter months.

A permanent installation from London and Berlin-based design studio Random International, the Rain Room is located at the Sharjah Art Foundation. This unique experience invites guests to step into an immersive, physical work of art and walk slowly through a continuous downpour of rain without actually getting wet.

This site-specific installation uses 2,500 litres of self-cleaning, recycled water, which is controlled by a network of 3D tracking cameras. Visitors are guided by sensors, and the responsive environment follows them as they navigate the darkened underground space, preventing the rain from falling directly above any detected human presence (unless you move too quickly, that is).

Random International is known for its masterpieces that explore humankind's relationship with nature in an increasingly mechanised world through emotional yet physically intense experiences. The group's sculptures, performances and installations have previously been on view across renowned art galleries and fairs around the world, including London, New York, Shanghai and Los Angeles. The Rain Room marks their first permanent installation in the Middle East.

Explore more

A trip to the Rain Room can easily be clubbed with a visit to one of the ongoing art exhibitions at the Sharjah Art Foundation. The inspiring space plays host to homegrown and international artists showcasing their creativity and features a regular programme of artistic events.

Also in the neighbourhood is the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, which features seven galleries spread across two levels and offers a curated showcase of various aspects of the Islamic faith, the achievements of Arab scientists and astronomers as well as Islamic arts and crafts, including textiles and jewellery.


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