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Red fruit Yule log

With red fruit mousse and crémeux

Total time: 1 hour

Serves: 10 portions


For the mousse

160g strawberry puree

300g white chocolate

7g gelatin

380g whipped cream

For the crémeux

100g egg yolks

60g whole eggs

110g sugar

150g strawberry puree

125g butter

5g gelatin

To assemble the log

A silicon Yule log mould


For the mousse

  • Heat the strawberry puree

  • Add it on top of the white chocolate, melt gelatin in the mixture and blend it

  • Fold whipped cream into a base

For the crémeux

  • Bring the strawberry puree to a boil

  • Mix in the sugar, whole eggs and egg yolks

  • Temper the eggs mixture and cook on a double boiler up to 85 degrees Celsius

  • Add gelatin and let the mixture cool down

  • After the mixture is cool, add in the butter

For the assembly

  • Pipe a couple of thick laces of red berry mousse on the bottom of the silicon mould

  • Remove the frozen strawberry insert from the mould and cut to a length of 24cm

  • Arrange the strawberry insert over the red berry mousse, with the rounded side facing down making sure it is well centered

  • Fill the rest of the cavity with red berry mousse

  • Leave a gap of 1 cm on top for the biscuit base

From the chef...

Chef Amid Saegh, serving as Pastry Chef at The Tea Room at Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite Hotel, believes that the Yule log is a significant part of Christmas traditions. He said: "The burning of a special log in a fireplace for luck and fortune has been a holiday tradition for centuries. It is a symbol of prosperity and blessing. Offering a beautiful and tasty Yule log is a tradition during joyful Christmas, which is why I've chosen this recipe."


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