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The Italian job

Discover The Attico, the brainchild of Milan-based designers Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio, who launched the label to share their love for glamour and sparkle with the world of fashion

What do Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner have in common? A shared passion for the Italian fashion label, The Attico. Not only were the three celebrities among the first to secure a pair of the brand's highly coveted Devon mules which launched in 2021, but they are frequently seen sporting the label's bold selection of wares.

It is not often that a brand bursts onto the scene and becomes an instant hit. But in the case of The Attico, Italian designers Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio combined their fashion prowess to become the coolest new kids on the block in a short space of time. Despite only launching their label in 2016, the female-led brand went on to achieve cult status rather quickly. And thanks to their signature style that blends Ambrosio's unapologetic glamour with Tordini's classic appeal, The Attico has since enjoyed immense success worldwide.

The dynamic duo

Tordini had always known that her fashion sense was different. As a child, she adored the clothes that her father brought back for her from his work trips to Paris and Milan. However, hailing from a small town in Italy, her choices were hardly considered cool and she was made fun of. But looking back made her realise that those pieces were very chic and they had a massive influence on her personal sense of style.

Ambrosio, on the other hand, developed a keen eye for fashion while spending time at her grandmother's store while growing up. And this can be evidenced in the obvious nod to the styles of the ’80s that are often referenced in their creations today.

The girls met through a mutual friend while studying at Milan's two most illustrious fashion schools, the Istituto Marangoni and Istituto Europeo di Design. They began their careers working as consultants for fashion brands and magazines, which resulted in them further developing their very own sense of style, which caught the eyes of not just street style photographers but also their personal Instagram fan following.

Realising that design was their true passion, the girls decided to finally pursue their dream of working together after attending New York Fashion Week. It began with a chat in the back of a yellow taxi and continued over sleepless, coffee-fueled nights, following which The Attico was born.

Named after the Italian word for penthouse – and embodying the duo's elevated perspective on life and the belief that "everything looks smashing from upstairs" – the leading ladies debuted their premiere collection during the Autumn/Winter 2016 fashion season. Their first collection garnered heavy press attention and industry adoration, and was sold to 70 stockists worldwide, with many styles quickly selling out all around the globe.

Building a legacy

Tordini and Ambrosio believe that the woman who wears pieces from The Attico knows exactly who she is, what she wants and how to make every entrance feel like an entrance. The brand's signature aesthetic sees a wildly colourful palette, a liberal use of sequins and feathers as well as unusual silhouettes and forms, which still manage to have a classic touch.

Their creations have gone on to set trends and earn adoration from industry insiders and trendsetters, which is often only reserved for brands with much longer histories. It is little wonder then that their collections have often been sported by celebrities for high-profile red carpet events and splashed across street style segments during every global fashion week.

The girls themselves enjoy a massive following, with their Instagram accounts boasting over a million followers, and are often seen sporting their own collections. But beyond the glamour, the businesswomen are all about building a brand that simply enables the wearer to enjoy their personal style, no matter how unique that may be. As the duo famously said: “There is no recipe for the typical Italian woman, just like there is no recipe for the typical woman of any kind!"

But for the duo, evening wear for the woman with unique tastes was just the beginning. Aiming to create an entire working wardrobe, they have since ventured into new territories, introducing a line of athleisure, swimwear, shoes and handbags. With time, they hope to develop into a complete lifestyle brand, adding accessories, furniture, books and more to make it an all-encompassing platform that is sure to take over the world.


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