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Top things to do in April 2024

Throughout April, art, music and culture take centre stage as a myriad of captivating and immersive events unfold both locally and globally, promising enriching experiences for all

At-Turaif Workshops

🗓 Until April 6, 2024 📍Diriyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A highlight on the Saudi cultural calendar, Diriyah Season, which takes place annually during the winter months, serves as a showcase of the kingdom's rich heritage with a range of events aimed at stimulating visitors' cultural curiosity. Promising captivating experiences, the city of Diriyah — located northwest of Riyadh — comes alive with performances, immersive art installations, culinary experiences and outdoor activities for guests of all ages. Visitors interested in delving deeper into Diriyah's historical significance as the birthplace of Saudi Arabia can partake in daily workshops held at At-Turaif. These interactive sessions provide hands-on exploration and appreciation of the kingdom's cultural heritage, encompassing activities such as decorative design, calligraphy, ink making, and stamp making.

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AlUla Skies Festival

🗓 April 10 - 27, 2024 📍 AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Embark on a journey of discovery amidst the enchanting landscapes of AlUla at the annual AlUla Skies Festival. By day, witness the spectacle of up to 60 hot air balloons ascending simultaneously over the desert, providing an unparalleled opportunity to marvel at the awe-inspiring scenery from the skies. For those seeking a more exhilarating perspective, helicopter flights are available, offering panoramic views of iconic landmarks such as Elephant Rock, Hegra and Maraya.

Visitors can also watch expert kite flyers showcasing their vibrant creations against the expansive sky. Kite-making workshops, perfect for enthusiasts of all ages to craft their airborne masterpieces, are also on offer. After sunset, the city comes alive with captivating drone shows, soulful jazz nights, stargazing sessions, astrophotography workshops and spellbinding storytelling gatherings.

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London Games Festival

🗓 April 9 - 25, 2024 📍London, United Kingdom

The highly anticipated London Games Festival returns this year with an even grander showcase and exciting lineup of events. Running for its ninth edition, the festival is a city-wide celebration featuring a diverse array of activities tailored for global gaming professionals and enthusiasts across the nation. With an ambition to establish London as the preeminent hub for gaming worldwide, this annual event underscores the English capital's status as Europe's largest gaming cluster with over 500 businesses. Visitors can check out a host of artworks and installations, as well as the festival’s selection of new video games from across the globe and exhibitions showcasing gaming industry professionals.

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Elrow XXL Dubai

🗓 April 13, 2024 📍Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Elrow XXL returns to Dubai this month! The Barcelona-based musical extravaganza has delighted audiences in 34 countries and 84 cities around the world and will now make its second appearance in the emirate. One of the world's largest dance music festivals, it is set to take place at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. This open-air carnival, accommodating over 12,000 guests, will feature top artists from around the globe. Audiences can expect extravagant decorations and flamboyant performances, with artists adorned in spectacular costumes amidst dazzling confetti showers.

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Bred Abu Dhabi

🗓 April 24 - 28, 2024 📍Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Bred Abu Dhabi, the Middle East's contemporary neo-culture festival, is making its eagerly anticipated return to Yas Island this April, showcasing the best in art, fashion and music. Building on the triumph of its inaugural edition, this year's event remains dedicated to the celebration of neo-culture, spotlighting global talent alongside regional artists and designers. Alongside the vibrant arts exhibition, the festival will feature a line-up of performances by grime and hip-hop artists and fashionable finds from global brands, promising an immersive experience with diverse attractions for attendees to enjoy.

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Cirque du Soleil Crystal

🗓 April 26 - May 5, 2024 📍Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary blend of ice skating and acrobatic prowess as Cirque du Soleil Crystal makes its debut at Etihad Arena on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. This groundbreaking production seamlessly merges the enchanting artistry of ice skating with gravity-defying acrobatics, offering a spellbinding performance that ignites the imagination.

Experience acrobats and skaters seamlessly executing acts while gliding on ice and soaring through the air, leaving you spellbound with traditional circus feats like the swinging trapeze, aerial straps and captivating hand-to-hand performances.

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