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Top things to do in August

The summer months offer plenty to see and do around the world, with a host of events for film fans, art lovers, nature enthusiasts and others

Sarajevo Film Festival

🗓 August 11 - 18, 2023 📍Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

One of the largest international film festivals in Europe, Sarajevo Film Festival places special focus on southeast Europe, shining a spotlight on films, talent and future projects from the region. Returning for its 29th edition, the event is now a globally renowned institution attended by filmmakers and industry professionals from around the world.

A standout feature of the festival is its commitment to supporting new and emerging talent, and it has helped launch the careers of several successful filmmakers from this part of the world. Another highlight is its diverse and exciting programme, which includes a range of categories, such as feature films, short films, documentaries and more. Running alongside the screenings are several unique events and discussions, which give attendees the opportunity to learn more about the industry and engage with professionals.

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Burning Man

🗓 August 27 - September 4, 2023 📍Nevada, USA

One of the most famous events on the planet, Burning Man attracts tens of thousands of people every year, who gather in Black Rock in Nevada to celebrate art and creativity. The event provides a platform for anyone with small or big creative installations or personal projects, from theatre performances and concerts to yoga classes, art exhibitions, music and DJ sets and more. VIP guests are known to fly in on their private jets during the eight-day event in the desert. The festivities end with an enormous bonfire where a huge stuffed puppet is burned, giving the event its name.

La Tomatina

🗓 August 30, 2023 📍Buñol, Spain

Spain's messiest festival, La Tomatina sees townsfolk from Buñol as well as people from the rest of the country and around the world gather in the city's main square for one of the world's biggest food fights. Attracting over 20,000 people annually, the festival sees 120 tonnes of ripe, squishy tomatoes tipped from trucks onto the streets, where everyone joins in a frenzied tomato battle. At the end of play, there's a mad dash for the closest garden hose to wash all the revelry off. It's an experience not to miss!

Salalah Tourism Festival

🗓 Until August 31, 2023 📍Salalah, Oman

Transforming Oman into a verdant paradise, the khareef or monsoon season attracts visitors from all over the region to experience nature at its finest in the land of frankincense. During the months of July and August, rain clouds from the Indian subcontinent pour down on Salalah in Oman and breathe new life into the country's Dhofar province, which is known for its spectacular coastal scenery. It's the perfect respite from the heat in the rest of the region during this time. Helping visitors make the most of their break in the country during the season, the Salalah Tourism Festival runs annually in July and August. During the 45-day observance, an array of activities take place, from a balloon carnival to exhibitions, live music performances and markets.

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Dubai Sports World

🗓 Until September 10, 2023 📍Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The ideal way to escape the summer heat and also keep in shape, Dubai World Trade Centre once again transforms into a fitness hub with the return of Dubai Sports World. With a host of activities geared towards health fanatics and beginners alike, this annual event promises something for everyone. Spread over 20,000 square metres, the venue is home to football pitches, tennis and badminton courts, cricket nets and a state-of-the-art gym. With a range of sporting activities and fitness regimens as well as educational experiences for all ages, Dubai Sports World offers an extra boost of motivation to stay active and beat the heat.

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