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BOUCHERON Fall-Winter 2023 – 4-5 – Wild Within - Fuzzy the Leopard-Cat necklace & ring.jpg
BOUCHERON Fall-Winter 2023 – 4-5 – Free Fall x Alexa Chung - Plume de Paon titanium (2).jp
BOUCHERON Fall-Winter 2023 – 4-5 – Wild Within - Nara the Doe ring.jpg


Nature serves as the perfect inspiration for Boucheron's novelties. The brand's high jewellery collection, which dates back to 1866, sees its master craftsmen bring motifs inspired by flora and fauna to life.


Boucheron's latest Animaux de Collection welcomes the panda and the cicada, while new interpretations are offered to its iconic feline favourites as well as zebras, deer and chickadees. Crafted with such precision and manifested in precious metals and gemstones, each animal becomes a truer-than-life three-dimensional sculpture. Whether it dangles from the ears, is tenderly curled around the wrist or neck or perched on the finger as if set to take flight, each one appears captured in movement.

Also reinvented for the new season is one of the maison’s historical motifs, the Plume de Paon, which appeared for the first time on hair jewellery and brooches in the 1860s and now offers 10 new designs. A symbol of lightness, it mimics the movement, curves, volume and finesse of a natural peacock feather.

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