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For its Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, Etro took the concept of 'Nowhere' quite literally. Creative Director Marco De Vincenzo, the man behind the latest collection, didn't want to be tied to a specific geographical location, resulting in this first-of-its-kind collaboration with digital artist Silvia Badalotti to create a place that could exist only in one's imagination.


Harnessing the power of AI, Badalotti intricately translated Vincenzo's vision into digital form. With the precision of a painter's brush, albeit rendered through pixels and on-screen imagery, the duo conjured scenarios that defied conventional boundaries. From ethereal landscapes to architectural marvels, each creation is a testament to the limitless capabilities of the human imagination. Even the models donning the label's latest pieces were generated through AI.

Taking centre stage in the campaign is the collection itself, which offers a kaleidoscope of styles, colours and combinations, where pastel-hued patterns blend seamlessly with lush natural landscapes and celestial maps.

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