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From the farm to your table at Sim Sim

This sprawling venue at Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas presents an extensive breakfast spread that champions local produce and sustainably sourced ingredients

At Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas, the all-day dining venue Sim Sim is determined to prove that decadent dining does not have to be unsustainable. In a city known for its endless desert dunes and glitzy pursuits, local farms might seem rare, but, on the outskirts of the emirates, a handful of farmers have turned swathes of desert into open fields where local produce thrives. Working with these local farms and other homegrown producers, Sim Sim's talented team of chefs seeks to offer diners a more flavourful and immersive gourmet experience by using ingredients that are fresh, seasonal and delivered to your table directly from the farm.

Originally rooted in uplifting local farmers, the farm-to-table concept is gaining ground all over the world, with consumers becoming more aware of their choices in today's fragile climate. Plus, knowing where your food comes from is always appealing. Relying on homegrown produce also means that ingredients are fresher, nutrient-dense and more flavourful – everything a chef could ask for to deliver the best experience to diners.

At Sim Sim, this translates into a truly sumptuous breakfast offering, where local produce is celebrated in every dish. And as extensive as the spread is, each and every part of the offering is produced sustainably. At the salad station, diners can prepare their own mix using fresh ingredients sourced from local and organic farms. At the egg station, you can pick your ingredients and the chefs will do the rest, based on your liking, using cage-free, local eggs. The bakery counter is lined with freshly baked bread and pastries, including gluten-free and sugar-free options, catering to specific dietary preferences. And all of this is complemented by a wide variety of cheeses and charcuterie.

Extending the offering are the dedicated counters serving up Arabic, Asian, Indian and English breakfast staples. And those seeking something light can take their pick from the yoghurt and cereal bar. Vegans are also well catered to with a delightful choice of options to start their day. And, of course, no breakfast offering is complete without the venue's selection of freshly pressed juices and your choice of morning brew!

Meet the chef

Executive Sous Chef Mohamed Bouhlal is at the helm at Sim Sim. Together with his team, the chef works tirelessly to put together this sumptuous spread every morning.

Sustainable produce is at the heart of the offering at Sim Sim and the chef believes that the use of local ingredients is what drives creativity in the kitchen. He says: "Championing local produce is important as it ensures freshness, flavour, seasonality, sustainability, community connection and the preservation of culinary traditions. It impacts kitchen creativity by inspiring us to work with the best ingredients, adapt to seasons, explore innovative techniques and connect with the local community and culinary heritage."

Here the chef presents his top picks for breakfast and tells us what makes them special...

Healthy green salad

"All the ingredients used in this dish are locally produced, ensuring that the vegetables are at their peak of freshness. The combination of wild rocket, lollo rosso, iceberg and romaine lettuce provides a diverse mix of flavours and textures. Wild rocket adds a peppery and slightly bitter taste, while lollo rosso offers a frilly texture and mild bitterness. Iceberg lettuce is crisp and refreshing, while romaine has a slightly sweet and nutty flavour. This variety creates a more interesting and complex salad. Overall, the appeal of this dish lies in its freshness, variety of flavours and textures, vibrant colours, nutritional benefits and, of course, the support it provides to local farmers."

Vegan yoghurt and fruit bowl

"A great, well-balanced choice for vegans, this dish makes use of a plant-based yoghurt as the base. We top it with avocado and fresh berries and serve it with locally produced honey and homemade granola bars. The use of locally produced ingredients in this bowl ensures its freshness and also helps us in our mission of supporting local farmers."

Eggs Benedict Florentine

"This dish is so special for many reasons. The use of poached free-range local eggs ensures a rich and flavourful base for the dish. The sautéed spinach adds freshness and a vibrant colour to the dish, while the toasted homemade sourdough bread provides a hearty and artisanal touch. The combination of these ingredients elevates the overall taste and experience. The specialness of this dish lies in its use of high-quality ingredients, culinary craftsmanship, indulgent hollandaise sauce, vegetarian twist and visually pleasing presentation. It offers a delightful and memorable breakfast experience that combines flavours, textures and visual appeal in a harmonious way."

To make a reservation at Sim Sim, call +971 2 697 0000


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