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Katara Cultural Village

Bordered by the Arabian Gulf and the bustling city, Katara Cultural Village is a place where art, culture and cuisine draw travellers from all over the world. Inside this walled city, dozens of art galleries, event spaces, theatres and creative hubs offer a glimpse into the country's time-tested traditions and modern cultural practices. 

The venue is home to the stunning Katara Mosque, which features Persian and Turkish tile and enamel work in shades of blue and gold, as well as the Gold Mosque, which is covered in gold tiling and brilliantly reflects sunlight. Spread over 3,275 square metres, there is also a classical Greek-style amphitheatre, with subtle Islamic influences, evident in its arched entrances. Accommodating up to 5,000 spectators, it affords stellar views of the sea on one side and the cultural village on the other. 


A haven for art enthusiasts, the Qatar Museum Gallery, tucked in the alleyways of the district, showcases local and international artists, whose works depict human-centred themes. While for astronomy buffs, the Al Thuraya Planetarium features a full-dome digital system capable of taking up to 200 visitors on a journey around the universe. In addition to the engaging exhibits, the planetarium also shines a light on the role of astronomy in Qatar’s history and the region's religious traditions.

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