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Dubai Crocodile Park

Promising a unique experience designed to give visitors an in-depth look into the world of these magnificent creatures, Dubai Crocodile Park opened its doors last year. Home to a population of 250 Nile crocodiles spanning all ages, from hatchlings to adults, this sprawling 20,000-square-metre sanctuary features state-of-the-art facilities, including climate-controlled water to ensure that the crocodiles thrive all year round as well as top-notch safety measures for guests, allowing them to marvel at the crocs with ease.

The park's expansive exhibit displays the natural habitat of the crocodiles, including lakes, waterfalls, islands and sandbanks, where guests can admire these massive Nile crocodiles up to five metres in length from different perspectives. At the park's Natural History Museum, visitors can embark on a 200-million-year journey through time with exhibits that highlight the evolution of crocodilians and the unique adaptations that allowed them to survive the extinction of the dinosaurs. Finally, for an up-close encounter with the crocs, visitors can explore the African lake-themed aquarium and also observe feeding time at dedicated stations.

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