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Culinary comfort

Keep warm during the cooler months with our featured favourites from Brauhaus at Beach Rotana in Abu Dhabi

On a breezy winter evening in the UAE capital, there is nothing quite like entrancing your taste buds with a delightful meal with all your favourite comfort foods at Brauhaus. This authentic German restaurant at Beach Rotana in Abu Dhabi offers a hearty selection of dishes that can warm the soul on the coldest of nights.

Evoking the ambience of a traditional pub, Brauhaus's interiors feature dark wood furnishings, adding to the cosy ambience, while the outdoor terrace lends itself perfectly to an enjoyable evening. Tying it all together is the extensive menu of Bavarian classics, featuring the likes of sausages, smoked meats, schnitzel, goulash and more.

Chef spotlight: Chef Pedro Kimmig

At the helm is Chef Pedro Kimming, a culinary wizard hailing from Nuremberg, Germany. Having spent the last decade in Abu Dhabi, he's an expert at making the best use of seasonal produce to develop creative menus that are perfectly in keeping with his German roots.

Starting out at the age of 16 as a part-time breakfast chef, Kimming's skills in the kitchen saw him quickly rise through the ranks on the German culinary scene. His career path also saw him take on international roles in Seoul and Tanzania, before his work brought him to Abu Dhabi. He now heads a brilliant team of chefs at Brauhaus, who curate memorable dining experiences for each and every guest. He also caters for special events held during Oktoberfest and the festive period, serving up to 50,000 people over 10 days during these occasions.

Here, the chef presents his top picks at Brauhaus...

Start off right: Rösti Rauch Lachs

Smoked salmon with rösti potato pancake, dill sour cream, fresh horseradish and balsamic glaze

"Potato rösti with smoked salmon is a classic German dish, At Brauhaus, I have tweaked the recipe a bit to include a topped pancake with all its flavours in one bite, similar to a Japanese okonomiyaki."

The main attraction: Zwiebelrostbraten

Grilled sirloin steak with lardon beans, potato noodles, onion port wine gravy and crispy onion

"A striploin steak with onion gravy and lots of crispy fried onion – it's the ideal meal on a cold winter's evening. In Germany, you will find many variations of the dish. I first got acquainted with the dish in the country's Swabian region, where I became a cook. Here, it is traditionally served with spätzle noodles."

The big finish: Schwarzwälder Kirsch

Black Forest Gâteaux with chocolate sponge and schnapps cherry cream

"The Black Forest cake brings up so many childhood memories. It’s one of the first things you learn when becoming a chef in Germany. The chocolate sponge layer with cherries, cream and schnaps… simply delicious. It brings to mind one especially fond memory of my grandfather. On special occasions, while eating the cake, he'd claim something's missing and proceed immediately to use his small spray bottle containing cherry schnapps to add a spritz to the cake."

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