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In conversation with Thibaud Crivelli

The visionary behind Parisian perfume house Maison Crivelli shares glimpses into his journey that intertwines childhood memories and global adventures, offering immersive fragrances

In the world of perfumery, where scents evoke vivid memories and stir deep emotions, Thibaud Crivelli stands out for his approach to crafting fragrances. As the founder of Maison Crivelli – the renowned Parisian perfume house – Thibaud curates a library of scents inspired by his global adventures. Each fragrance within this olfactory anthology serves as a tangible chronicle of his worldly escapes, seamlessly interwoven with the essence of his Parisian heritage.

Ahead of Maison Crivelli launching its latest creation in the Middle East, we were offered a glimpse into Thibaud's profound philosophy. Shaped by his eclectic lineage and extensive travels, his perspective on perfume transcends the ordinary. "Life is an adventure full of surprises," he said, "and Maison Crivelli's fragrances invite you to embrace it fully. Our scents are not just perfumes but immersive adventures that celebrate the unexpected."

For Thibaud, perfume is a living experience – an unpredictable and mysterious art form that continually evolves. Within each fragrance, diverse facets intermingle and express themselves, imbuing the scent with a dynamic energy and character that resonates on a deeply personal level. Maison Crivelli embodies this ethos, infusing every scent with the essence of Thibaud's rich and diverse life experiences.

Born in Paris, Thibaud's upbringing between central France and the enchanting landscapes of Provence made perfume an integral part of his life from the beginning. Reflecting on his childhood, Thibaud said: "Since I was a child, I had the opportunity to discover perfume ingredients firsthand, spending countless hours immersed in nature on the field. Growing up in a small town in central France, our garden would blossom with many flowers with each passing spring. In summer, we would travel to our family home in the French Riviera and during fall and winter, we spent a lot of time in forests." This connection to nature shaped Thibaud's early influences.

In 2006, Thibaud relocated to China – a transformative move that allowed him to completely immerse in the vibrant tapestry of Asian cultures for the better part of a decade. This period of exploration saw his Western sensibilities mingle with new influences, offering him first-hand access to the plantations of perfume raw materials. "Discovering these ingredients through a sensorial lens allowed me to encounter truly unique moments," Thibaud said. "And it's these moments that I share through my perfumes."

From the heady aroma of scorched sandalwood on the slopes of an erupting volcano to navigating a cocoa plantation on the back of a motorbike, Thibaud's adventures spanned the spectrum of sensory experiences. Whether tasting exotic flavours under the Northern Lights or wandering through a field of iris on the edge of the desert, every encounter enriched his perception of fragrance in profound ways. These extraordinary experiences have now become the cornerstone of Thibaud's perfumery ethos, as he endeavours to share the essence of these sensory marvels through his creations.

His latest creation, Tubéreuse Astrale, mirrors this approach. “Tubéreuse Astrale echoes many childhood memories I had with my father, who was always passionate about astronomy. When the season was right – especially in summer – we would sometimes set off at night to observe the constellations through a telescope. More often than not, we headed for a vast plain not far from home. It was an isolated spot with no light pollution. I remember that a light breeze often blew through the tall grass and crickets sang around us. Not far from us was a garden with many flowers, including tuberoses. In late summer, they gave off a fantastic scent at night. This memory gave us the idea of working on a very luminous, sparkling tuberose based on a milky, almost velvety accord of leather and musk,” said Thibaud.

Similarly, each creation is inspired by a unique chapter of Thibaud's life. However, he chooses to never reveal the exact location where each perfume originated so that it can allow the wearer to connect with the scent and live their own personal journey through it. "The focus is not on myself, but on what other people will feel."


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