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Rotana ramps up sustainability efforts across the UAE and beyond

With COP28 taking place in November 2023 in Dubai, Rotana reinforces its commitment to reduce its environmental footprint in line with the industry's Net Zero initiative

Reaffirming its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, Rotana has implemented enhanced sustainable offerings across its properties in the UAE and beyond, as the region gets ready to host the biggest climate change convention of the year, COP28, at Expo City Dubai in November 2023.

In line with the conference’s mission to discuss practical solutions to the most pressing global challenge, Rotana actively strives to do its part to reduce energy and water consumption, adopt clean technologies and optimise operational efficiency. As part of its Global Corporate Sustainability Platform, Rotana Earth, the group has increased recyclables by eight per cent, reduced waste to landfill to 17 per cent, and reduced electricity consumption by eight per cent.

To raise further environmental awareness, Rotana also appointed Junior Sustainability Ambassador, Alexander Ghorayeb, a 17-year-old young man who shares the group’s passion for driving change and inspiring a sustainable future.

Guy Hutchinson, President and CEO of Rotana, said: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. As we continue our expansion in the region, we want to ensure our guests experience a sustainable, high-quality product matched with an unparalleled experience. We are excited to set new precedents in our journey to net zero in line with the COP28 vision, re-affirming our commitment to create concrete change and encourage others to join the journey. Our partnership with Alexander will allow us to bring awareness and drive change to the younger generations as we work together towards a greener and cleaner future.”

Amongst other initiatives, Rotana has also implemented new sustainable and locally-sourced breakfast offerings across its properties in the UAE. Guests will now be able to enjoy an enhanced breakfast sourced from organic and local farms. The new offering is crafted with guests’ health and wellbeing in mind and brings forward fresh produce from the farm to the table, including a new salad and vegetable corner as well as cage-free eggs sourced from the UAE, in addition to a wide selection of vegan items.

Jarrett Beaulieu, Corporate Vice President Food & Beverage of Rotana, added: “We are proud to have successfully implemented a dedicated breakfast with locally sourced ingredients across all our properties in the UAE. Raising awareness of the importance of mindful and sustainable eating habits remains a top priority and the team continues to focus on providing fresh meals that follow the farm-to-table principle, crafted with the guest’s health in mind and the wellbeing of the environment.”


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